Women On Periods Not Allowed To Visit Menstruating Goddess Temple


We have been born and brought up in a society where women are worshiped and are called the pride of our nation but are suddenly treated like dump and differentiated once they go on their periods?  We love our country and always have nice things to say about it but what happens when you come across a news so abrupt that it makes you want to judge you own country?

kamakhya devi- yoni- temple

Image source: www.reckontalk.com

 ( this is not the actual picture of the stone as the temple premises don’t allow photography)

Take a good look at the menstruating Goddess Kamakhya Devi who is placed high up on the Nilachal hills, Guwahati Assam. This is no ordinary temple. When you visit here you would not find any sculpture to praise. All that is situated here is the Goddess’s yoni or Vagina. The weird yet interesting thing about it is that a natural spring keeps the stone moist all the time. That’s not it. The worrisome news here is being a temple solely dedicated to the idea of menstruation, Women on their periods are not allowed to enter the temple premises that time of the month.


This menstruating temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths in India. People say that Sati once fought with her husband Lord Shiva to attend her father’s Yagna. Lord Shiva didn’t approve of this but Sati still attended the Yagna. However, Shiva was not invited and also later has to go through a lot of insult by Sati’s father. Sati couldn’t take all this and committed suicide later when Lord Shiva Got the news he got furious and performed a Tandava- The dance of destruction carrying Satis dead body on him. Lord Vishnu tried to calm him down and eventually cut the body with his chakra, parts of which fell at 108 different places. Sati’s Womb is said to have fallen at the Kamkhya Temple, hence the significance.

Kamakhya TempleImage source: en.wikipedia.org


This temple also celebrates a fertility festival called Ambuwasi Puja in which the goddess in in her menstrual cycle. The temple keeps shut for 3 days and opens on the fourth day with a lot of celebrations. It is said that river Bhramaputra turns red during this festival.

menstruating goddessImage source: shestirs.wordpress.com ( Image only for reference basis) 

People blindly follow and worship this temple with great enthusiasm but are till shy to talk about their periods in a group of friend.

Hypocrisy much?

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