Women- The New Powerhouse Of Society


Women- The new powerhouse of society

The position of women in a country like India has always been low and not taken seriously. Women have come a long way to prove their worth in society. The Modern age women demands equality in terms of education, speech and employment and are the new powerhouse of our society.  It has been a hard struggle for women to be recognized amongst the over powering gender biased society. The status of women has risen astonishingly in the past few years. Not only are they fighting back for their rights but also stepping out of their houses to earn a name for themselves.

Our Prime Minister is also currently taking powerful initiatives like #selfiewithdaughter which went viral over twitter and successfully promoted the idea of celebrating the birth of a girl child.

Famous women like  Smriti Irani to Kiran Bedi and Smita Sabharwal, All these have Achieved so much in life and have motivated the younger lot to do something and bring a change in society.


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The annual results of secondary and higher secondary board examinations have proven the fact that girls are certainly doing better than boys and have a greater zeal to achieve bigger goals in life. The civil services examinations have yet again proved that women can do a lot more than what is expected out of them. The top three spots of the examinations were acquired by women candidates in which Ira Sehgal topped the list, Renu Raj secured the second positions and finally the third spot was also bagged by a female candidate named Nidhi Gupta.

powerhouse of society

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Ira was more than happy with the results and quoted “I am very happy. I can’t believe this. I just prepared for the examinations.”  She performed extremely well despite of being differently abled which tells us a lot about a strong and determined women like herself.

Renu who works in a hospital at Kerala nailed the second slot at her first attempt and said “I am extremely happy to now the result. I have been preparing for the exam for the last one year.”

Nidhi who is currently Assistant Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise was overwhelmed with the results. She said it’s a proud moment for her and whatever hard work she put into this has finally paid off.

Women can no more be suppressed and kept under the shoe. They have started to understand their worth which has forced the people around them to understand their value as well. The female gender has finally made a place for themselves in the society and are surely here to stay.

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