Wonder Woman (2017) : Movie Review


Wonder Woman (2017) : Movie Review

Wonder Woman : Come to think of it, there are two wonder women here.

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Wonder Woman 2017 Movie Review-FantoosyOne is ofcourse, the Israeli beauty Gal Gadot who plays the titular role. She’s charming, super sexy and truly amazing as Diana, an Amazon princess created by God Zeus to battle Ares, the God of war. When Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, impressive), a British intelligence officer crash lands ashore her island, Diana accompanies him to end the ensuing world war which she believes has been inflicted on mankind by the evil Ares.

The lovely Gadot makes it difficult to take your eyes off her so much that other characters – even the villainous ones – pale in comparison to her towering screen presence. By the way, the villain brigade includes the luckless German General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) aspiring for a powerful chemical weapon being formulated by his lady scientist amusingly called Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya). But as aforementioned, no one truly matters other than Madame Gadot who is absolutely rocking in action as well as emotion. After hotting up the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, Wonder Woman will certainly propel her right to the top rung in hollywood.

The second wonder woman is none other than director Patty Jenkins who helms this superhero flick with assured confidence and spectacular vision. Apart from getting the technicalities spot on (3D effects are outstanding), Jenkins ensures the world war I era is accurately recreated. She also succeeds in lending a certain old world charm to the proceedings as evident in the marriage and sleep banter between Diana and Steve on a vintage ship. Both strike a likeable chemistry in their victory dance sequence as well. The action packed finale is one of the finest ever seen in any super hero movie.

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Truly, Jenkins and Gadot are the two wonder women who bail out DC after their recent underwhelming turn (‘Batman vs Superman’ (2016), in particular). It’s time for them to pop the champagne and celebrate the real GIRL POWER. BRAVO!!