Won’t give me Dowry? Will dip you to the Canal!


Won’t give me Dowry? Will dip you to the Canal!

Ever heard about revenge for Dowry took so dreadfully? Well! It seems that even dogs cannot be treated as such the way a man has addressed to his wife! Well! Revenge are a part of life, and if one cannot get up with it, it seems to get very hard indeed. But this is not just all when it comes down to the point of beating or dropping a woman to a canal! Yes, a shocking incident just happened in our country putting up a statement on how dangerous can men be!

Won’t give me Dowry Will dip you to the Canal! 1

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Yes the news is shocking for everyone as a man from the city of Meerut, killed her wife on the pretext of clicking a selfie! The whole incident took place in the Saradhana district where the man had pushed his wife into a canal. Ayesah, the wife was pushed into the ganga by her husband Aftab, aged 30, for the dowry. The news came up to the media as a police spokesperson openly commented about the activity.

Dowry is something which is still illegal in the country and when it comes on for the men wanting it- there are no one to stop it! Now what would you first think about the story- is it real or fake? Yes, the story is true indeed showing up why and how Aftab can be so dangerous in the greed of dowry.

Now here comes the interesting twist of the story of how a man can be so dramatic also. In the contrary to misguide the official police of Saradhana, Aftab thought himself to be an extra smart by going to the Sardhana police station with his eight-month-old son and then ended it up by complaining to the Saradhana Police Station about some dacoits who have pushed her wife into the canal. He was so smart that even police got the initial trust on his words.

The police took rapid action on to recovering the body from the canal and then continue with further investigation.

Won’t give me Dowry Will dip you to the Canal!2

However, Aftab must have thought the Police to be a fool, but it was not so easy either. This is the reason why the police came back with the set of next interrogation. This is where Aftab got challenged and he finally had confessed the crime and then accepted that he was guilty. However, it was in the year of 2014 when the couple got married against each other.

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Well, this is just not all and if there is something to go for then this man should also be punished! So when it comes on for the media to get involved, the lots of people are now furious of this to make Aftab get a punishment. This was enough for her family members to seek legal action against Aftab.