Yes I am Handicapped but not Dead


Connaught Place-Block N, New Delhi. Rahul Saharan, a Photo-activist, photographer & film maker based in New Delhi was out on his daily work assignment. There he met this handicapped guy selling Cigarettes and Pan Masala to local persons passing by the venue.

Credits : Rahul Saharan

And guess what alike many other handicapped, he was not found begging but working hard with respect to bring up his livings. Seeing this guy, Rahul a good friend of mine, became inquisitive and couldn’t stop himself from striking a conversation with him. He shared his photos and the motivating conversation with his friends on his personal Facebook timeline. Here is the complete motivating conversation which will really let you think once about the life.

Rahul wrote on his FB timeline, “Yes I am handicapped but not dead. I will work till my body and health allows me to do so. I sit at the backend of my shop because I don’t want people to see my disability and then buy things out of pity. I may earn less but after all its my hard earned money and not a result of sympathy. There are people around me who sell cigarettes and Pan Masala to everyone, even to school going children. If you are below 18, I never do that and many times when I feel someone is below 18, I ask for their id cards and then they go to another shop and trust me I’m more than happy for not earning that money.
Credits : Rahul Saharan
I would have become a beggar if I would have lived with the thought that I’m a handicapped. I don’t think about the parts of my body, I don’t have to look at the parts I have and how much they can work and I feel they are enough for my survival. 
Finally after all these years I have concluded that I am not disabled, rather I am differently abled. I may not be normal but thats not my weakness or i don’t cry on letting myself go more down. After-all who am I to question the fate? I am just like every normal person who is facing difficulties but still working for the survival or to become something.”

I salute such high-moral self motivated guys. Hats off. He can be found daily right at the same place in case you really need to get live motivation. Do share your feedbacks or stories if you encounter similar stories.