Yoga is an APP & Religion is like an OS


Yoga is an APP & Religion is like an OS

I am a Hindu by birth and I have been practicing Yoga for last many years.

Last week a friend asked me to join her for a coffee. I know her through yoga. We go to the same Yoga studio for our practice. The way she asked, I felt there is something that’s bothering her and she wants to discuss with me.

Yoga is an APP & Religion is like an OS Hindu Yoga India history information

The coffee came in quickly and as soon as both of us took the first sip, she asked without any pretext – Is Yoga a Hindu thing?

At first, it appeared to be a trivial question to me.  This question never crossed my mind till then. I took another sip allowing myself to think why it’s so important to her. And then it struck me – she is not a Hindu and with all the Intolerance debate going on, it is quite possible that this has become an important question for her. She must be in a situation where she is having to choose between her Yoga practice and remaining faithful to her religion.

I took few more sips of coffee allowing myself to process my thoughts. I had to take a position on the issue.

In my mind, religion is like an Operating System for Human. An operating system like Android, Windows or IOS manages the hardware resources and makes it functional for different application softwares. Similarly, a religion provides us the guidance in terms of how to manage our resources like Body and Mind in the context of living in a society.  While there are differences, at the end, all religions gives us a guideline for better living in a society.

So, what’s Yoga then? In my mind, Yoga is an APP. One of the Oldest Health APP. It might have been developed originally on Hinduism much like many APPs that are first released on either Android or IOS and subsequently made available to all other OS.

Yoga is an HEALTH (both physical and mental) APP that can be run on any of the Human OS like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity.

My friend kept quiet for a moment and then said – so you are saying religion is like Human OS and Yoga is a Health APP that runs on all the Human OS.

I nodded and said yes that’s the truth for me. She smiled and said I don’t see any reason why that can’t be my truth as well.



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