Youth Prevents Abuse Against A Woman & Ensures Her Safety


Youth Prevents Abuse Against A Woman & Ensures Her Safety

Atrocities against women are still taking place in India, even though people are speaking up against it, and movements and agitation against such wrongdoings are growing each day. Barbaric men are still on the loose, and committing disgusting offences against women. There is an urgent need for true humanity to prevail, and for all these acts to stop. Authorities can only do so much, and it is the duty of every citizen of our country and of the world to do whatever they can to prevent these incidents from being repeated. An example of how to do this should be derived from this story by Saahil Tyagi, who prevented abuse against a woman and stood up for what is right:

 “I went on a bicycle ride with a friend today. We left home at 8:30pm and rode towards Aurangabad caves. About 16kms and an hour later we were at the most beautiful scene I’ve seen in a long time. On the top of the hill, the sky was full of a million stars and the moon was big and yellow. With the caves behind us, we sat in the serenity gazing at the sky, weaving stories and clicking pictures. It was our spot then, and it was really special. Slowly but inevitably the conversation turned towards the awesome downhill ride that was to follow. It felt kinda like the party was still on! 😃

Abuse Against A Woman
Saahil Tyagi, the youth who stood up for what is right, and prevented abuse against a woman.

So before the ride, we deflated our tyres for better traction, and headed down when it was about 17 degrees. Needless to say, the ride was one of the Best So far! We wanted to do it again! But we were short on time and decided to go towards the city. We stopped to pump some air into the tyres, so we don’t die on the way and That was by far, the most strenuous activity I have done. With enough air and no water, we continued towards home.
The main road in Aurangabad is called Jalna road. This has many flyovers and we, not being very adventurous, were going under one of them when I saw two naked people running towards the road from inside a lane. At first, I thought it was a bunch of kids playing but I looked back to see a grown up man of about 35 chasing a girl. She saw me and screamed, “Bachaao!!” This is when she fell on the road and the guy tried to drag her back. I threw my bike and ran towards him in a rage. Surely so, he left her and ran back into a maze of streets. I gave my t-shirt to the girl and helped her up. She looked pale and poor. She didn’t want to speak about what happened, didn’t want to go to the police. She just wanted to go back to MP, where she belonged. We spent about an hour offering help and urging her to lodge a complaint but she just didn’t want it. 😕
There was no train until morning and she needed clothes. I saw a beggar boy wake up and watch the incident from the side of the road. I told him that we needed something to wear. He went back to his bed, picked up his blanket and rushed to hand it to me. As she wrapped the blanket, he told her that she could keep it. My friend and I put together some money for her food and ticket and for the little boy’s new bed, got her an auto to the railway station and left from the scene with a lot to think about and a lot of hope, as she started on her journey home.
On the ride back, I only grew angrier with myself as somewhere I wasn’t satisfied with what I did. Should I have gone to the police in any case? Should we have followed the auto to the railway station? Should I have beaten the brains out of that guy first? Oh yes! I regret that!!
So that’s what I learned today. And that the little beggar boy had a bigger heart than us.”

This story shows us that many such barbaric people are camouflaged in our society. It is our duty as human beings to protect womankind and end these atrocities. Saahil is just one man who has stood up for what is right, by preventing abuse against a woman and ensuring her safety. We need to unite in the battle against atrocities against women, and make this world a better place to live in.

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